A Wild Singapore Hornbill Grabs a Bird From Its Cage and Turns It Into His Lunch (Video)


The circle of life, a song we all heard from the movie, The Lion King, made us realize that different species may we be, we are all a part of a bigger picture called LIFE. Though, each of us sticks to our own kind to survive.

In life, when survival becomes a top priority, both humans and animals do their best to ensure the survival of their species, even if it means defending your own kind.

Though all the species on the planet have one thing in common: we all have to eat at some point.

A caged bird hanging by an apartment balcony turned out to be lunch for a wild Singapore hornbill that was passing by.

A wild hornbill surveying the birds in their cages.

In a video posted on Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook page, a wild hornbill was seen standing on the railing of an apartment balcony, eyeing the birds in several hanging cages.

The hornbill was not there for a social gathering, though. It was choosing among the birds as if it was trying to pick the best meal for its lunch. It was looking at them more like a buffet.

The hornbill finally chose the cage furthest from the others. Watch the video below, with caution. (Warning: not for the faint of heart.)

Courtesy of Sgfollowsall/YouTube

People may think that birds are safe in their cages especially from wild animals who like to have them for a meal. Different species of animals have various motor skills and may be able to catch these domesticated birds even in locked cages.

With precise hunting skills and persistence, the hornbill was able to pull the poor bird from its cage through the railings. People who have witnessed the catch from below the balcony were stunned at the scene that was happening at the moment.

A comment from a disgusted animal lover.

People who have watched the video have expressed disappointment and disgust for the onlookers who did nothing to shoo the hornbill or alert the apartment owner of the ongoing unpleasantry. Some animal lovers expressed anger for people who dared to post the video on social media.

However, the individual who shared the video firmly believes that birds are never supposed to be locked in cages, and what transpired above was merely instinct. The wild hornbill saw an opportunity to feed itself, and took the advantage, as his species would do by nature.

As everyone has thought, it is the fault of the apartment owner who left the birdcages hanging on the balcony, since it is not really a good idea to have caged birds in the first place. Live animals are not supposed to be house decorations against their will. They should be free to come and go as they please.

Oriental Pied Hornbills are a common sight in Singapore, and believe it or not, they’re omnivores, an animal that can eat and survive on both plant and animal.

A wild hornbill can be easily recognized by its long and large bills, hence the name “hornbill”, along with their trademark casques (the horn-like knob on top of their bills), and they mainly feed on fruits.

These species of birds also like to feed on insects and small animals, including reptiles, mammals, and other birds. The caged bird it caught was merely having not the best of luck on that day, and it was not the fault of anything.

People have constantly made animals from the wild domesticated, catching them from their natural habitat. So it would not be a surprise if some of the larger animals who prey on them would come to the city and hunt for food.

The Oriental Pied Hornbill is listed as ‘Least Concern’ on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List as of September 2020.


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