Lost Dog Knocks on Police Car Door to Ask for Help to be Taken to His Home


Getting lost is a pretty scary experience for anyone, and it can lead to insecurity and anxiety about not knowing whether or not you’ll be able to see your loved one again or come home to your family who loves you very much.

This is quite common in vulnerable humans such as children or the elderly, but other creatures such as dogs also tend to experience these scary situations.

After dealing with a public chaos situation in a neighborhood near the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, in Florida (United States of America), officers Soto and Rose were walking towards their patrol car when they made a strange discovery.

A terrified pit bull was waiting for them at the driver’s door, standing on its two feet. The gesture looked strange to the police but this did not scare them.

They discovered that the little dog was not causing any trouble. On the contrary, he needed help: he had lost his way. Not knowing how to get home, the dog saw the police car and seemed to understand that this was his only hope.

This little furry friend turned out to be quite sweet and as soon as the uniformed men approached, he started jumping up and down and licking their hands. He seemed very happy that they had arrived, so Soto and Rose thought that for some strange reason, the dog was very understanding that they would help him.

It was unknown if he recognized the police patrol, but without a doubt, the animal had done the right thing by waiting there. At that moment Rose noticed that on the back of the necklace was the name and address of the dog.

The dog’s decision to wait by the patrol car had saved him from the risk of living alone on the streets. Rose and Soto started driving to the home of the dog’s alleged owner. Sure enough, that was the address and the dog’s, who the police discovered was named Hank, parents were thrilled to see their pup back safely.

This is a happy ending but we are also amazed by the intelligence of this dog who got home safe.


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