Police Officer Surprises A Boy Selling Lemonade to Save Money for a Pair of Blue Sneakers for School


During the hot summer, you would usually see children busy setting up and selling lemonade in front of their homes. For only a dollar, a glass of lemonade would beat the summer heat. The kiddies enjoy this small summer job, especially if they are saving some money for something special that they have always wanted to buy.

7-year-old Landen from Connecticut set up a lemonade stand together with his grandmother, Wendelyn Narvaez, in front of their home. in addition to lemonade, Landen was also selling cookies and brownies for $1.00 per piece. According to Wendelyn, Landen was saving some money to buy a pair of blue sneakers for school. Unexpectedly, a surprise came to Landen one day when a police officer stopped by.

Wendelyn explained in a post that has gone viral how Officer Perez and Landen had a quick conversation about the lemonade stand and why Landen was selling. The boy explained how he was saving some money for a pair of blue sneakers, and after asking for Landen’s shoe size, Officer Perez left. He later returned carrying a box for Landen.

“He came back with brand new blue sneakers, making Landen super happy,” Wendelyn wrote, sharing photos of the happy moment on social media. “The smile on Landen’s face is priceless. He made my baby’s day, and not only that, he made him feel like a king.” Wendelyn shared a photo of Landen wearing the blue sneakers a few days later. The boy had a broad grin on his face.

Officer Perez has only been with the Ansonia Police Department since March, but he seems to be making a big impression within the community at once. The former military officer shared some photos on his own social media page to remind everyone about the importance of giving to the needy and paying it forward.

“I am honored to work for such a great community,” Officer Perez wrote. “Giving back is not only a blessing but a daily reminder of where I came from. Landen, I hope you enjoy your new sneakers and never forget how great of a kid you are. May God bless you and continue protecting you and your family!”

Not only the community members were impressed with the kind act. State representative Kara Rochelle shared Officer Perez’s post on her own social media page. “Spotlighting local excellence,” she wrote. “Ansonia Police Department Officer Joel Perez for this act of kindness. Thank you for the joy you brought to Landen and his family.”

Ansonia Police Chief Wayne Williams revealed in response to Officer Perez’s compassion, “They are the types of officers that we are all looking to hire.”

Selling lemonade is a rite of passage for many children. They are excited for the summer season to arrive since it is their chance to do their first job. Some children have been selling lemonade for years and consider this their favorite job while they are still at their school-age. Many of them get creative by selling other snacks such as cookies, brownies, and other goodies to sell alongside their lemonade to increase income. Most of them donate their proceeds to charity.

It may seem like a small thing to others. However, it makes a big difference to the kid selling goodies once you buy a single glass of lemonade. They also learn about the importance of money and savings, how to handle a small business, sales, and customer service, among others.

It is very heartwarming to see a police officer donate a pair of sneakers to a boy who wanted them for school. We may not have enough funds to contribute to others, but we can still donate with just a couple of extra dollars. Instilling charity, kindness, and giving back to children can only lead to a brighter future for everyone.

Images credits: © Joel Perez/Facebook


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