Woman Married to a Wealthy Husband Lists Down 5 Disadvantages of Being a Rich and Complains About Them on Social Media


A 23-year-old woman from Dubai recently shared her issues about being married to a wealthy man on TikTok. She listed 5 disadvantages and pointed out that having so much money life’s originality quickly fades, and her freedom is limited. Her post caused heated discussion online, claiming that she is ungrateful for what she has. Let’s take a look at her list.

Daily Mail released an article about Linda Andrade, an internet celebrity on TikTok, who started her own spa business at the age of 16. She also shares her daily life as a married woman on her social media, which has 529K followers. Her husband is cryptocurrency trader Ricky, and she has been married to him since she was 19 years old. They have lived a life of luxury since then.

Recently, Linda shared with her fans on TikTok that she has encountered some discontent while living a life of affluence. She has listed 5 disadvantages, and here they are:

  1. She has to stay beautiful and presentable all the time.
  1. She gets to eat good food all the time.
  1. She and her husband travel very often, and she gets tired at times.
  1. Her husband buys too many things for her.
  1. She can’t drive by herself to visit places she wants.

Here’s the twist: Doesn’t everyone dream of becoming rich? Linda claims that having too much money can limit your personal desires and can hold off anyone’s common goals. She claims that she has had enough of the life of affluence. However, some posts say otherwise. While she complains about a wealthy life, she continues to show off her jewelry collection, shoes, and designer bags that contradict her claims.

After the video was posted on her TikTok page, it became the topic of a heated discussion among her followers and others. Some of them posted sarcastic comments which said:

“Stop complaining. Give me your life if you don’t want it!”

“Wanna trade lives? At least I’d make the best out of it.”

“Well, if you have extra cash you’re not happy with, I got a mortgage, bills, and student loans I can pay off sooner than later.”

Contrary to her complaints, this is not the first video that Linda has shared showing off her life of affluence. In her previous videos, she has revealed that her physical maintenance, salon visits, and head-to-toe spa treatments reach as high as US$7,695.00! The price has astonished many of her followers. Additionally, in her other videos, she can be seen with her husband buying her haute couture dresses and jewelry in major shopping malls and drinking tea with friends. As soon as her videos were shared on TikTok, she was bashed and criticized by many netizens saying that she is ungrateful and oblivious to the financial sufferings of many people in the world.

Linda is rapidly gaining followers on TikTok, with 19 million likes and 528.2k followers, so far. She also shares insights about her husband and supports him by promoting his business on her social media accounts.

Images credits: © Linda Andrade @lionlindaa/Instagram


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