Taylor Swift Avid Fan is a Splitting Image of the Popular Singer and Claims that She was ‘Stalked’ by the Famous Celebrity


There are avid fans around the world who love to imitate their idols – from their clothing to the makeup – and sometimes pretend to be them in the privacy of their own room. However, famous singer Taylor Swift not only has a fan who imitates her but has the same facial features as well. Netizens claimed they have 90% similarity, and the fan said that she and Taylor Swift have a wonderful friendship.

In 2015, a woman who looks similar to her idol, Taylor Swift, emerged on the internet and became popular on social media. Her name is Rebecca Smile. On her social media accounts, Rebecca shared a video wherein she imitated Taylor Swift’s look in the MTV “Bad Blood”, a music video that was released in 2014. She wore the same costume as Taylor’s, complete with a black suit, red lipstick, and weapons. It was as though Rebecca and Taylor were together in the music video.

The spoof video clip has caught the attention of many Taylor Swift fans, who asked Rebecca: “Has Taylor seen your video? Has she seen you?” Her reply surprised the netizens. Rebecca claims that she met Taylor a long time ago. She used to imitate Taylor on impulse – her clothing, makeup, and her poses during pictorials. When she shared those photos on her social media, she unexpectedly caught the attention of Taylor Swift herself!

She recalled that Taylor followed her on social media, which was a big surprise for Rebecca! Later, she was contacted by Taylor Swift’s team and asked, “Taylor really wants to meet you. Would you want to meet her?”

As an avid fan of the famous singer for years, Rebecca would not want to miss this exciting opportunity, so they arranged a meeting. She said, “Taylor was the kindest person in the world. I’m still amazed that this happened. It’s amazing every time I bring it up. It’s the craziest thing to me.” Rebecca did not miss the opportunity to take a photo with her favorite singer.

Fortunately, the fate of Rebecca and Taylor did not end there. They maintained their friendship through the years. Rebecca Smile revealed that after the meet, Taylor would ‘Like’ and react to her posts from time to time and wrote comments on her most recent updates. This is undoubtedly the biggest surprise for Rebecca, who has loved Taylor Swift for 15 years!

Images credits: Taylor Swift @taylorswift/Instagram and Rebecca Smile @rebeccasmileee/Instagram


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