Kind-Hearted Woman Gains the Trust of a (Supposedly) Pregnant Dog and Encourages Her to Come Out from Under the Truck (VIDEO)


When iPittytheBull Foundation received a message regarding a dog people believed to be pregnant, the staff immediately arrived at the scene. The dog was under the truck and terrified. Bri, one of the staff members, was able to gain her trust by giving her food and persuading her to come out from under the vehicle and into her car. Soon after, they headed straight to the veterinary clinic for a thorough check-up.

The dog was in terrible condition and had some open wounds. Believing that she was pregnant, they did x-rays at the vet. The dog was not pregnant. She was given lots of fluids and antibiotics in hopes that the X-rays would show better images the next day.

During her check-up, the vet found contusions on her lungs. She was also at risk of euthanasia owing to probable rips in her intestines. The poor dog also needed a blood transfusion due to a severely low blood count. Bri decided to take her in and was given a nice bed covered by an even more comfortable blanket. The dog, who Bri called Stella, settled in quickly since it may be her first time ever on a nice, warm bed.

Bri’s goal for Stella now is to get her well and bring her groove back. She promised to keep Stella away from the cruel world that she used to know. “Oh Stella…… you have simply squirmed your way into all of our hearts. We adore you so very much.” A million thanks to iPittytheBull Foundation for tending and taking care of this angel. She deserves all the love in the world.

Cover photo credits: © Animal Rescue/YouTube


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