Young Girl from Russia is Deemed the “Most Beautiful Child in the World” and Garnered Millions of Followers on Social Media


A child model from Russia, 12-year-old Anna Knyazeva, has successfully conquered the hearts of many people around the world. With her angelic facial features and her captivating eyes as blue as ‘sapphires’ has caught the attention of netizens since she was 6 years old. For many years now, the child model has been very active on various social media platforms, which are managed by her mother, and has been known to love wearing heavy makeup. This has attracted negative reviews on some of her photos shared online.

Anna was born on June 30, 2011. Since she was 4 years old, her mother shared beautiful photos of Anna on several social media platforms. Her natural angelic facial features and round eyes like sapphire earned her the titles “real human version of a doll” and “the most beautiful child model in the world”. Her social media accounts have garnered millions of followers, and she was favored by many popular fashion brands.

Anna’s popularity and career immediately took off in the children’s clothing industry due to her beautiful features. At the time, Anna was only 6 years old but was not camera-shy. She was mature when it came to her performances, and she was very professional. Anna’s mother often shared her modeling photos on social media. In one cute moment, Anna displayed a pure and childish temperament during break time, and her sweet smile captured the hearts of many netizens.

Anna’s popularity also had its bashers. Some malicious-minded netizens claimed that her mother used her as a “cash cow”, made her work under pressure, and believed that the little girl could not enjoy her childhood as her peers should have. Netizens who strongly support the family said that Anna’s mother is an economist while her father works in the automobile industry. She has a brother who is a year older, so the mother does not have to rely on Anna’s finances to support the family.

Many years have passed, and Anna is now 12 years old. She is still active on social media. In addition to being a graphic model, she has also appeared on TV as one of the hosts for a children’s program. However, her style has changed and is quite different from her appearance when she was younger. The modern stylish clothes and heavy makeup had caused heated discussions and negative comments from netizens, who all say that she is ‘too young’ and in a hurry to look grown up. However, Anna’s angelic facial features and natural temperament remain unchanged!

Images credits: © Князева Анастасия @knyazeva_anastasiya_official/Instagram


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