A Disabled Dog in Brazil with No Front Legs is Abandoned By His Owners and Left on The Streets


Abandoned animals don’t understand what has happened. All they feel is the heartbreak while wondering why their owners are leaving without them. This is a touching story about a disabled dog abandoned twice, and the 20 people interested to adopt him.

A disabled dog with no front legs was abandoned and left alone on the streets of Brazil by his heartless owner.

A CCTV camera was able to capture the heartbreaking moment. A woman left the dog at the side of the road in Sao Leopoldo, in the south of the country, then left in her car.

This is the moment the owner of a disabled dog named Tintin pushed him to the floor before getting into her car and driving away, leaving him alone on the streets of Brazil.

The footage shows the dog, named Tintin, trying to climb back into his owner’s car when she pushed him to face the other way then sped away in her car.

The street was located outside her husband’s office, who found the poor animal wandering outside some time later.

Anderson Ribeiro, head of the Secretariat of Animal Protection in Sao Leopoldo, said that a man came to their office carrying a dog with a rope on its neck and said he found him wandering on the street.

Ribeiro told Brazilian channel G1 that, because the animal was wearing a necklace, he assumed that it was a lost or abandoned dog, not a street dog.

The street is located outside the office where the woman’s husband works, and he came out and found his pet a short time later – but took him to a shelter and abandoned him again.

He contacted resident Ana Paula Scherer, who had a dog named Berlin, with the same disability as Tintin’s, to check if her dog wandered about and got lost.

Ana informs him that Berlin is at home with her, so Ribeiro becomes suspicious of the man’s story and decided to inform the police about the former owners of Tintin.

The officers managed to track down the former owners – who they claimed to be the same people who had abandoned Tintin the previous day, but on different hours.

Tintin has now been placed up for adoption with 20 new owners vying for him, while the previous owners are being investigated for abuse.

Ribeiro has given his information to the police, who confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation due to allegations of animal abuse and has called witnesses to testify.

Penalties for animal abuse in Brazil range from three months to a year in prison and fines.

Tintin has now been placed in an animal shelter and 20 people have asked to adopt him. However, the authorities decided to take their time in choosing a new home for Tintin based on who is best able to care for his specialist needs.


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