A Guide Dog Falls Asleep at Her Owner’s Feet at the MRT; Instinctively Wakes Up and Alert at Destination


Guide dogs are fully trained to do their job and most of them go to the extent of giving their lives just to save yours. Although dogs do not know the difference between personal and business, they still become our best friends when they are with us.

On March 21 in Singapore, a guide dog was seen sleeping at the feet of its handler in an MRT train.

However, when they arrived at their destination at the MRT station, the guide dog automatically woke up and alertly guided its handler out of the train.

The dog’s professionalism caught the eye of a fellow passenger, who posted some photos of the dog and its handler on Facebook on the 25th of March.

Here is the translation of the post:

Guide dogs undergo rigid training

In Singapore, guide dogs undergo intensive training before they get deployed with their handlers. Here is a Facebook Watch link video of a guide dog in training: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1467137279992586

Such training includes constantly remaining focused while on duty, knowing when it is unsafe to cross the road, and being able to navigate stairs and escalators, all the while remaining undistracted by the rapid movement and loud noises that are common in city living.

Guide dog services can extend up to a decade long, and they can telepathically bond with their handlers and be their best friend.

Singapore’s most famous guide dog, Esme, lived till she was 10 years old.

Thank you for your services, Esme. RIP.


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