Although This Puppy Has Not Reached 1 Year Old Yet, She Has Suffered So Much and Surrendered on Life Without Expecting Anyone to Help Her


Many beings come into the world and face suffering from an early age. This is a heartbreaking story of a dog, who has not reached even a year old but suffered so much. It’s about little Mina, a dog who is rescued after going through a lot of pain.

Mina was found among the trash with signs of serious abuse. Apart from her wounds, her frail body was also infected with lice, parasites, and skin diseases.

And that was not all, as the poor pup, less than a year old, also has intestinal infections, anemia, and suffered dehydration.

Her condition was so alarming that it worried her rescuers, but they will do everything to help her.

Howl of A Dog volunteers were responsible for rescuing her and taking care of her from the day she was found.

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When she got to the vet clinic, poor Mina continued to cry. This dog was in so much pain not only physically but mentally as well, making her afraid that a human would hurt her again.

The dog was immediately cared for and given a moisturizing serum to help her survive. Her condition was extremely fragile and everyone was afraid she wouldn’t even survive that first night.

But it turned out that the “little girl pup” was brave enough and made it through her first night, now she’s getting stronger. After regaining strength, the puppy began a nutritional diet and undergoes chemical cleansing so that the infection can be treated.

After treating her physical wounds, her caregiver also decided to heal her heart from all the abuse she had received. Little by little, they gained Mina’s trust and she became a healthy and safe little pup.

After months of being cared for, the puppy who was about to die can now run freely and happily. In addition, she went on an adoption program where she managed to live with people who are now her family.

Mina went to Germany to live a new life and is now very happy.

She has not only managed to leave her past behind but started trusting her new human family now and has gained new furry friends.

Nowadays, Mina looks very happy with the people around her and also has the company of other dogs. Her life has completely changed after being saved, otherwise, the suffering would continue and she might not have survived.

Courtesy of Howl Of A Dog/YouTube


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