A Man Removed Four Hooks from a Tiger Shark Twenty Years Ago; They Have Been Friends for Decades Ever Since


Everything is neutral. If you treat animals sincerely, they can definitely feel it. Marine biologist Jim Abernethy has devoted himself to the study of marine life for many years. He has to dive into the sea every day for research work.

Whenever he dives into the sea, there is a huge tiger shark, 5 meters long, slowly coming towards him. The predator does not attack him, surprisingly, but greets him, as though it were his pet dog!

Abernethy named this tiger shark Emma. It is inevitable to have fun when one person and one shark meet every day. Emma takes the initiative to approach Abernethy, gently pokes his head, surrounds him, and acts like a baby~ However, tiger sharks are carnivorous animals second only to great white sharks. Generally, divers will not approach it at will. At first, it was said that Emma took the initiative to approach Abernethy. That was 20 years ago.

In 2000, Abernethy came to the Bahamas for research. It is not only a resort for divers, but also many tiger sharks live here. It is an excellent place for Abernethy. One day after he dived, he noticed that a tiger shark was approaching in his direction, but after swimming a short distance, he left. Abernethy observed that the tiger shark was about 5 meters long and seemed to be the biggest one, although he also wanted to observe closely, he could only observe from a distance without disturbing it.

Abernethy thought that it may only be accidental, but the tiger shark appears every day and is getting closer to him. Finally, one day when the tiger shark came to him, Abernethy is ecstatic and excited. The tiger shark actually rubbed Abernethy intimately, and lively swam around him! He also tried to show kindness to the tiger shark, and only after confirming that it was not repulsive or displeased did he relax to touch it and interact with it.

However, Abernethy later found that the tiger shark had a hook in its mouth, which made it look uncomfortable, so he comforted it while slowly removing the hook and finally got rid of it. The tiger shark happily swam around Abernethy a few times before leaving, as if thanking him. Since then, every time Abernethy dives, the tiger shark came over to say hello, and he named the tiger shark Emma.

Eventually, Abernethy and Emma gradually became familiar with each other and developed an excellent understanding. For 20 years, Emma has accompanied Abernethy to observe and study various marine life and fish in the sea. Abernethy feels like raising a wild pet under the sea. What’s more amazing is that even if he occasionally changes into different diving equipment, Emma can still recognize him immediately, “It’s like your dog would recognizing you.”

In the past 20 years, Emma was actually injured by a fishhook three more times, but she always came to Abernethy for help and trusted him quite a bit. Having been a marine biologist for 40 years, being able to become close friends with tiger sharks must be the most special thing in Abernethy’s career, and when he gets along with Emma, ​​he can also feel Emma’s love for him, “Once you understand it, you will have a different view of life.”

Finally, let’s take a look at this special and precious “unique” friendship and hope that Emma can continue to live a peaceful and happy life~

Credits to: The Dodo/YouTube

Credits to: The Dodo


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