Hilarious Tabby Cat Loves to Hide Inside an Air Conditioner, and the Home-Owners are Surprised to See a Pair of “Eyes” Looking Back at Them


A woman named Bao Lai helped take good care of a friend’s orange tabby cat called “Xiaobao” since June. One evening, Xiaobao kept making cat noises while Bao Lai was tending to the dog on the first floor. She asked her husband to check on the cat in their room upstairs. When Xiaobao saw that it was the husband that was coming inside the room, he immediately climbed and hid inside a place the couple did not expect but made them laugh.

A few days ago, Bao Lai noticed that the grills of the air conditioner were missing. Since she realized that it was old and hadn’t been used for a long time, she did not pay too much attention to it. She thought that maybe it may have been like this as well. One day, Xiaobao again hid inside the air-condition vent. Bao Lai and her husband were worried that it would get stuck and hurt, so they tried to call him out of the air conditioner. Unexpectedly, the cat only glared at them. 😆

Bao Lai continued to call Xiaobao in a much gentle way, and slowly he came out of the air conditioner. The cat noticed that Bao Lai was taking some photos, so he would freeze while she took a shot. The results were hilarious. Sharing them on a Facebook group, Bao Lai said, “Turns out… window-type air conditioners not in use have this function. It has simply the magic big space!”

Xiaobao used to live in a yard of an old house with a bunch of chickens. His current owner was mesmerized by his cuteness and noticed that he was living a hard life, so he took Xiaobao home and set him up for adoption. The owner had a clothing store where he left all the stray cats he picked up. Since the shop already had so many cats and could not accommodate anymore, Xiaobao stayed at Bao Lai’s place in the meantime.

Bao Lai also had many cats at home that lived together with a 21-year-old senior dog. Xiaobao loves to communicate with the other cats. However, they could not stand it, so Bao Lai sent another male cat to stay in the room with him. Xiaobao preferred the girls since the female cats have the initiative to turn their bellies right side up to show cuteness. He is aware that the female cats like to play with one another.

Netizens were quick to comment on Bao Lai’s photos after she shared them online:

“I thought it was a cat picture.”

“It turns out that the air conditioner has not been used for too long, and it grew a cat.”

“When it hears a thunderclap, the air conditioner cat will finally come out.”

“Cats are really like liquid. They are flexible.”

“It’s really a magic big space. Even orange cats can enter it! 😆

Xiaobao’s antics may be hilarious, but cat owners should pay more attention to their furry kids’ actions and whereabouts so as not to get stuck and get injured!

Images credits: © Bao Lai/Facebook


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