24yo Man from Brazil Transforms Old Tires to Animal Beds and Other Useful Creations


24-year-old Amarildo Silva, who hails from Paraiba, Brazil, took the initiative to add more money to his income. Working as a cashier during the day, he started a side job to save more budget and help the environment. Out of old discarded tires, he came up with the idea to recycle them and make them useful. Just as the saying goes, “A man’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

During his free time, Amarildo would collect old tires and transform them into beautiful animal beds. To date, he already has sold more than 500 pieces to pet owners around Brazil. Each bed has a unique design to suit a specific pet, complete with a comfortable circular mattress and a pillow. He has delivered some orders inside the country, but his designs have become famous in other countries, and he started receiving orders from Europe, North America, and Asia. He has received positive testimonials from his buyers, mentioning that their pets loved his creations. Here are some of the designs made by Amarildo.

Here are some photos of the furbabies enjoying their comfortable beds. Bella, Baruck, Bidu, and his friend who came for a visit, twins Aylla and Lua, adorable Luna, and playful Mimoza. These adorable furbaby photos have gone viral on the internet and have reached various countries around the world. But wait, there’s more.

In addition to animal beds, Amarildo has also added other useful creations to his list. There are flowerpots and recycling containers, even a Christmas tree and a sofa! People from different parts of the world are impressed by his creations that helped improve the environment and made comfortable furniture for the furbabies.

His useful creations have become so popular that he has been requested to speak to students and staff of various public schools in his area.

Creative artists like Amarildo Silva, who took the initiative to create discarded materials for useful inventions, made the environment a better place to live in.

Images credits: Just Something


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