This Heroic Man Adopted 1,700 Suffering Dogs Nobody Wanted and Opens a Shelter for All of Them


Around the world, so many people love caring for pets. However, others are not responsible enough to care for them for a long time. Hence, there are so many pets being abandoned anywhere around the globe. However, a kind-hearted animal lover from Serbia, a former electrician named Sasha Pesic, cannot bear to see stray dogs roaming the streets hungry. Most of the abandoned dogs he rescued are either sick or already in their senior years. He has set up a shelter for all the dogs he has saved to make them feel the warmth and happiness of a loving home. Being rescued by this good man has changed the fate of all the dogs in need.

Sasha’s Shelter has been open for 15 years, since 2008. In the beginning, 4 accidentally came across 4 puppies that were abandoned on the road. Seeing them in that state melted his heart for the little ones, so he took them to his hometown in Niš and sheltered them from the storm, let them have a good meal, and not get run over by fast-moving vehicles on the street where they were found.

Without thinking too much about the situation, an enthusiastic Sasha opened a shelter for furbabies. He built a safe haven and recruited caring people to help him tend to the dogs he rescued. Some patient volunteers formed a rescue team and embarked on a journey to save all the abandoned dogs they encounter on their way.

“The problem here is in the system and the institutions that should be taking care of this,” Sasha said. “They are broken and corrupted and cause even more damage rather than actually helping the situation. The other problem is in the irresponsibility of the owners who don’t neuter their dogs and leave them outside when they don’t want them anymore. Reasons vary from ‘I got a baby and I can’t take care of the dog’ to ‘I don’t need it anymore.’”

Years passed, and Sasha’s shelter has rescued more than 1,200 stray dogs and 400 of them have found loving homes. As of late, about 750 dogs are living in the shelter. It has become a routine for Sasha to hang with the furbabies daily from dawn until dusk.

“There is confusion and carelessness towards animals out there that causes a lot of problems of these kinds.”

Sasha ensures the dogs’ health are in check and made sure that each of them is taken care of by the staff. After a stray is taken in, the medical staff arranges regular health check-ups for each and every one and focuses on their wellness.

The shelter has also arranged regular entertainment and a festival for the furbaby residents.

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Never underestimate the memories of animals. Even the dogs know who has taken them in and treated them well over the years. Sasha is their favorite “Daddy” and flocks to him when he is around.

Naturally, more expenses come in when more dogs are taken into the shelter each month. Fortunately, in addition to the financial support personally given by Sasha and the volunteers, some kind-hearted people made donations to the shelter, either monetarily or materially, and Sasha is very grateful to all of them that the shelter can sustain itself.

“I receive zero assistance from the government, and some vets are actually charging me more than regular prices because they think I have a lot of money from donations. I’m all on my own, and I cover the veterinary treatment and everything necessary out of donations and my own pocket.”

“These dogs just need a little love, food, and care. Many come to the shelter sad and scared, but in time, their joy is returned,” Sasha says with pride.

Sasha Pesic’s shelter may have hundreds of dogs, but he still has the heart to save each stray dog he encounters outdoors. He does his best to give more abandoned dogs a happy life and find them loving homes. He hopes that through what he is doing, there will be fewer abandoned dogs on the streets and educate people on being responsible pet owners.

Credits to: The Dodo/YouTube

You can view more photos of the dogs in Sasha’s Shelter by visiting their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Images credits: © Sasha’s Shelter @sashashelter/Instagram


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