Hilarious Video Clip of a Husky Peeking Through the Car Sunroof to Enjoy the Winter Breeze while His Face Gets Distorted


A few days ago, a man was driving his car along the highway with his family when he passes by a car with a husky’s head protruding from the sunroof of the car in the next lane. The Siberian Husky seemed to be enjoying the cool breeze on his face as the car he was riding was speeding fast. His face was being distorted by the passing wind, which was a hilarious sight to see. Fortunately, the funny scene was caught by the man in the car beside where the husky was and was shared on the internet, which has since gone viral.

As the driver of the car next to the husky saw the dog’s head protruding out of the sunroof, he sped up his car and caught a video of the hilarious dog when he caught up with the other fast car. Although the wind was very strong and the dog could barely open his eyes, his mouth was still in a smile as he enjoyed the breeze. His face was getting deformed due to the wind, but the dog did not seem to be bothered by this. Anybody who has seen the video will certainly be amused.

When the video was finally shared on the internet, netizens who watched laughed out loud and were quick to write comments:

“Eat air and you will be full!”

“This one is really funny!”

“When you are beside this, how can you concentrate on driving?! 😆

“Still pay attention to safety.”

“It was a real dog and not a puppet.”

“Only air can surpass air.”

The video will not disappoint to amuse anyone. However, dog owners who bring their furbabies on a long drive should observe safety rules and regulations, especially if they leave the windows or the sunroof open. There are cities in certain countries that do not allow pets who let their head out the window or sunroof. Some countries consider it a violation. You may be fined for not following city regulations.

Here is the hilarious short video clip of the husky dog enjoying the cool breeze:


imagine driving down the interstate… and you see this🤣

♬ original sound – kailey ☀️

Screenshot images credits: © kailey @kaileydlc/TikTok


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