The “Dog with the Bucket” Who Walked the Streets of His City Begging for Some Water


The Chorrillos area, Peru, was one of the places that were most affected by the heavy rains that brought floods. The floods began in both Peru and Ecuador.

The rains caused heavy landslides due to the overflow of the Huaycoloro and Rimac rivers. Around 70 deaths were recorded and more than a million families living nearby had to leave their homes to stay safe.

The huge rains were caused by the phenomenon known as El Niño Costero (The Coastal Child).

Little by little, many areas began to recover, but one of the services that took the longest to normalize was the distribution of water by Sedapal. The company had to suspend the distribution service while the necessary measures were taken to clean up the vital liquid. This caused severe water shortages in the districts of Lima and Callao.

The water mixed with mud was reaching the houses.

But as often as it happens with our furry friends, a cute little dog was running around Lima, capital of Peru, asking passersby for some water carrying a bucket on his mouth which stirred emotions of the people who have seen him. The unknown canine is one of the victims who were affected by the city’s water shortage.

Tanker-type trucks were arranged to provide water to the inhabitants.

A citizen has already given some water to the dog although he still roams the streets asking for more to save some for later use. The video of the roaming pup went viral a few minutes after it was recorded and posted on the internet.

The pup managed to find a pail to put some water in it.

Courtesy of Pats Ya/YouTube

In the videos, neighbors marvel at the way the dog carries his bucket of water and wondered if he is lost. Unfortunately, millions of animals suffer the same dilemma while the city was still undergoing water shortage.

A medium-sized dog should consume at least three liters of water a day.

When Peru managed to recover from the landslides, many remembered the puppy who roamed the streets of Chorrillos begging people for water. On the other hand, huge containers of water have been put in different parts of the city for people to share.

After 5 days of water shortage, the company was able to restore service in most of the affected areas.

Although the incident happened 3 years ago, it has once again circulated on the networks, remembering the “puppy with the bucket” who took matters in his own “jaws” making sure his water needs are met.

What a smart dog with some serious skills and strategy!


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