German Shepherd who was Cruelly Left to Drown in Freezing Water with a Large Rock Tied to Her Neck was Rescued and Adopted by a Loving Couple


I admit. Pets are usually stress relievers to most people. However, it is unfortunate that the years of their lives are shorter than their human families. Fortunately, our pets consider us their whole lives and happiness, and that is when we realize our love for them is reciprocated. We are a family. We are whole.

It is inevitable. It is very sad to say goodbye to senior dogs when they pass since they have been with us for years. We are left heartbroken, and not everyone can handle their passing. Hence, some senior dogs are abandoned, or worse, killed, when they are terminally ill and their days are numbered.

On January 6, 2020, Bella, a German Shepherd breed, was left by her previous owners to drown in River Trent near Long Lane, Farndon, near Newark. The poor dog’s head was tied to a large rock that was submerged underwater.

Then 10-year-old Bella, the senior German Shepherd, was cruelly left to drown.
Jane Harper and her friend Joanne Bellamy accidentally spotted the dog who was struggling to keep her head above water.
The size of the rock was this big, and it was tied around Bella’s neck as the poor canine struggled to keep afloat.
After Bella was rescued, she was immediately taken to a vet for emergency treatment.
Later, she was transferred under the care of RSPCA.

Fortunately, Bella survived in the freezing cold water while a rock was tied around her neck and was rescued in time. However, her check-up with the vet also revealed that she had other health problems that they dealt with.

After Bella was transferred to RSPCA, she was left under the care of the kind-hearted staff of Radcliffe Animal Centre in Nottingham while the animal welfare charity and local police started an investigation to find the cruel former owners of Bella.

For the last 15 months, Bella has been under the care of the RSPCA, and she has made a full recovery. Her positive transformation led her to be adopted by a retired couple, Maggie Mellish and Charlie Douglas. Good for Bella! She has found her forever home.

The kind and loving retired couple seem to be the perfect parents for Bella, who is now 11 years old, as they have taken care of shepherd-type dogs of their own. They are willing to give all their love and attention to Bella since their last shepherd passed away a few years back. The couple opened the doors of their home in a village in South Derbyshire to Bella.

After the loving couple adopted Bella, and before she could move into her forever home, they often visited the senior dog in the center that took her in and cared for her. Bella’s rescuers, Jane Harper and her friend Joanne Bellamy, also visited the same day to see how Bella was doing and witnessed the happy occasion with her new owners.

Bella’s human mom, Maggie, shared the heartwarming story with the press. She said, “We, as a family, have had three shepherd-type dogs over the last 30 years and really love them. We lost our rescue dog Tia/Luna two years ago and my daughter’s dog, Flame, this year. We did really miss them. Then we saw Bella’s story in the press a few weeks ago and the fact she needed a home, so my daughter, Clare Lusher, encouraged us to apply for her.”

“We know she will need regular vet appointments and are willing to finance those,” Maggie continued. “We know she is in her older years, but we just want to offer her a loving home she so deserves after all she has been through. We are both retired, so she will have our company constantly, which is what she really needs, and it will be great for us too.”

Images credits: © RSPCA


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