Loving Pitbull who Spent His Life in a Shelter Makes His Own Bed to Prove to Adoptive Parents He’s A ‘Good Boy’


All shelter dogs deserve to be adopted and brought into a loving, forever home. However, a dog who has been rejected by potential adoptive parents wanted to prove them wrong and show them that he is a ‘good boy’ and does not deserve to be passed over for adoption.

It has been hard for this pit bull to have spent his life alone and homeless, but Rush, a gentle and loving pup, was determined to have a family to call his own. One day, he was taken in by the SICSA Pet Adoption Center, and Rush hoped that he would finally find a family who would adopt him. He wanted to prove to potential parents that he was a good dog so he would get adopted very soon.

However, when potential parents came in, he noticed that most dogs were getting adopted, and he never got picked. He realized that it was not easy to find parents who would take him into their home. Rush is a pit bull, and people assumed that his breed is a “bad dog”. Pit bulls are known to be dangerous and aggressive, and some people who have spent time with Rush know that he is otherwise. Still, when everyone sees you as a bad dog, it can be difficult to remember who you really are.

Rush was beginning to think that nobody loved him and not worthy of being adopted. He assumed that since people just pass him by, they thought he was a bad dog and would never find a family.

Rush wanted to prove them all wrong. He never gave up. He wanted to show them that he was worthy of being adopted and that he is a good boy, unlike what they assumed he was due to his breed.

One day, before the day Rush knew potential parents would visit the shelter, he began to make his bed. The staff at the shelter noticed him tuck his sheet around his bed to make it look neat and presentable. Since then, it became Rush’s routine to make his bed in hopes that people would realize his worth and finally get adopted. It worked!

When the shelter shared a video of Rush making his bed neat and orderly, his message came across to potential adoptive parents. Soon after, Rush was adopted and taken into his forever home.

Rush waited a long time for this moment, and finally, a family to call his own and a loving home to spend the rest of his life. A kind and wonderful family finally saw Rush for who he truly is: an affectionate and loving pup who wants to be loved and love them in return. He is finally home, happy and safe, with a life filled with possibilities and a bright future ahead of him.

Here is a short video of Rush making his bed:

Rush’s story has touched the hearts of many people, and they are happy and proud of him.

Images credits: © SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center


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