A Shelter Dog Born with a Handsome Handlebar Mustache Named Salvador Dolly is Capturing the Hearts of Netizens Around the World


A stray Shepherd mix brought in by the Hearts & Bones Rescue organization a few weeks ago to Dallas Animal Services has given birth to 11 puppies. All the newborns were very adorable, but 1 white puppy stood out due to an eye-catching black mark under her nose that resembled a handlebar mustache. The puppy was lovingly given the name Salvador Dolly since the black mark under her nose was similar to a famous Spanish painter named Salvador Dali, who was known for his iconic handlebar mustache and his world-class paintings, as well.

At the time, there were so many strays being brought to the shelter, so the staff had to find homes for the Shepherd mix dog and her newborn puppies. Fortunately, they found a foster home for the family until they find a loving family who will take them to their forever home. While they are staying in the foster home, the puppies are being monitored closely since they are still nursing. The staff is also tending to their mother so she will gain her strength back and be able to take care of her babies. By the end of August, Salvador Dolly, her mother, and her siblings will be up for adoption.

In a few weeks, the family will be brought to New York for adoption. However, as early as now, Salvador Dolly has caught the attention of interested people and has been getting a lot of inquiries on when she can be adopted.

The volunteers taking good care of Salvador Dolly and her family are very happy and quite overwhelmed with all the inquiries they are receiving regarding Salvador Dolly. However, they also hope that her other 10 siblings will get the same love and affection, just like the ‘Mustache Puppy’. Salvador Dolly and her siblings come with lots of kisses, hugs, and unconditional love, and these adorable puppies deserve a loving human family who will take them into their forever home.

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Images credits: Hearts & Bones Rescue/Facebook


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