Friends in a Boat Spotted a Cow in a Lake Struggling to Swim to Shore and Takes Action to Rescue Her


Usually, one or two cows wander off from their herd and end up in situations that they never expected. More often than not, they encounter an ordeal they can’t seem to get out of and find themselves struggling to overcome.

Early this year, a cow was spotted by a group of friends riding a boat on a lake. Immediately, they knew that the cow was struggling in the water while she tried to look for a way to get to dry land. They did not know how the cow ended up in the middle of the lake, where it was quite deep. Their guess was, she may have wanted to cross and get to the other side. However, she got swept into the deeper part of the lake and was struggling to get to land. The friends immediately took action to rescue the swimming cow, but they realized that it was easier said than done.

The friends knew that a lot of work had to be done to save the poor cow since it can weigh anywhere from 800 to 1400 pounds. They estimated the animal to be an adult female, and would be quite difficult to help get it to dry land. However, the cow’s life was on the line, and they had to rescue her before she drowned. They knew they had to work quickly. When they caught her eye, they assured her and began to help. It may sound simple, but otherwise.

Their initial plan was to put a rope around her neck and guide her to shore. After they put it into action, the friends realized that pulling the cow, however carefully, made it harder for her to keep her head above water. They formulated a new plan and immediately took action. One of them jumped into the lake and supported the cow’s head to keep it above water. It worked, but they realized it was not enough. 2 other friends held on to the cow’s legs for support while the boat slowly sailed back to the nearest shore.

When the boat reached the shore, the cow set foot on land and was finally safe. One of the male friends removed the rope from the cow’s neck. However, the friends were still wondering how long she was struggling in the middle of the lake. The cow may be on dry land, but she was a little disoriented and scared.

In her confusion, the cow thought that the man holding the rope was putting it back on her neck, so she tried to ram him with her head, and he backed off. A few seconds later, the cow realized that the group rescued her and looked back at them with gratitude. Now, she could go back and wander on dry land wherever she wanted. While they were leaving, the friends wondered if the cow would attempt to cross the lake again.

This group of friends were the heroes of the day. Although saving the huge cow was difficult, they managed to rescue her and bring her to dry land safely. It was not an easy task!

Here is the video of the amazing cow rescue:

Screenshot photo images credits: © We Love Animals/YouTube


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