A Black Bear is Found Lying on a Mattress in a Garbage Dump and Does Not Seem to be Disturbed by Humans


A woman in Canada passed by a garbage dump to leave her trash when she witnessed a black bear lying on an abandoned mattress. It was as though the bear was on vacation in a resort somewhere. The bear and the woman saw each other. However, it did not seem to mind a human being around. It only continued to enjoy the feeling of the mattress as though the bear was planning to make it its usual bed. Welcome to the Black Bear’s Secret Resort!

Keira Mamakwa from Ontario, Canada, was driving through the garbage dump to leave her trash when she discovered a black bear lying on the mattress, just like a human enjoying the comfort of its softness. It was such a rare sight to see that she could not resist capturing the black bear on camera. The bear noticed the woman but did not pay any attention to her. It just lay there, feeling comfortable as though it was on vacation. 😆 Maybe the bear is planning its life very carefully.

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Although the mattress is not brand new, it can be seen that the black bear is enjoying its softness and feels very comfortable as it lies on the worn-out bed. If black bears can imagine, maybe it is thinking that the bed is more comfortable when you lie on it in the wild. The photos shared by Keira on social media attracted attention from netizens who posted hilarious comments:

“The mattress is better than mine!”

“Other people’s garbage is his treasure.”

“This bear can go camping with us.”

“The bear might be thinking, ‘This is a good life!’”

Cover photo and Facebook post credits: © Keira Mamakwa/Facebook


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