A Hungry Dog Interrupts a Weather Forecast Report on Live TV


Anthony Farnell, the chief meteorologist for Global News, was conducting a live broadcast of the weather report for Canada on Monday, August 28, when his dog, Storm, emerged into the shot. He was halfway through the report, when his dog wandered on live TV looking for treats.

Storm seemed to be sniffing the floor in search of treats while Anthony continued with the weather forecast. It seems that he is not surprised by the interference of Storm and carried on with the weather report. “Yes, Storm is in the building, getting some treats, walking on thin air,” Anthony can be heard saying from behind the camera while he shows the weather forecast for Toronto this coming Saturday.

Incidentally, while Anthony’s weather report was explaining the dangers posed by Hurricane Ida further south in Canada, which they would be facing that weekend, his dog named “Storm” invaded the scene demanding treats. Global News shared the clip on YouTube, and it instantly went viral.

Anthony did not seem fazed and embarrassed while Storm wandered in and out of shot. Netizens who viewed the video were amazed by Anthony’s professionalism and amused by the adorable pooch. They left hilarious comments about the video.

Here are some of the comments made by the netizens:

“The weather forecast suddenly became better.”

“Please pay attention to the ‘Storm’ coming!”

“His master is too calm! Hahahaha!”

“As a meteorologist, I haven’t seen such strong winds and waves before. 😆

“The dog seems to say, ‘I came to see if there are any snacks here.’”

The weather forecast that night became more interesting to the viewers, who were amused by the innocent hungry dog.

▼ Here is the video on YouTube that instantly went viral:

Screenshot images credits: © Global News/YouTube and 9Gag


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