A Photo of a Happy Possum Taken by a Man who Went Hunting Began an Online Photoshop Battle


A Reddit user named ‘Stretlaw’ said that when his stepdad was hunting, a happy possum came out of nowhere in a bush near Opotiki, New Zealand. He immediately shared the photo online, which started a Photoshop battle among netizens who added hilarity to the cute photo. No worries, the possum is doing well and enjoying wildlife.

People are glad that the possum showed up since they needed a Photoshop thread to entertain themselves this week. The photo shows the possum feeling very happy as it raises its paws in the air. It was both cute and funny that netizens called it “The Optimistic Possum”. Talented netizens shared their Photoshop pics and memes online and started a thread on social media.

Here are some interesting entries that caught the attention of many people and went trending online:

Many possums are cheering from behind the characters of “Star Wars”
Artist Bob Ross and… his possum hair?
“When you forget what you’re celebrating…”
What are you waiting for? Dead Possum is now showing in cinemas.
“It’s Possumzilla!”
Finally succeeded in conquering the earth!
Possum riding on a roller coaster is exciting!
“Help! I haven’t boarded the plane yet!”
Being the champion in a marathon is the best!
King Possum on top of the tallest building.
Possum graffiti
“I’m a champion!”

The Optimistic Possum Photoshop and meme entries have gone viral and are trending on social media. There are many other photos for viewing. It is never too late to upload your entry. Netizens are entertained by the various photo entries online.

Images credits: © BoredPanda


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