19yo Dairy Cow that was Considered ‘Useless’ is Adopted by a Couple from a Shelter


A cow reaching her senior years has lived on a dairy farm all the days of her life. She was born blind. She originally stayed on a farm for 15 years and had 14 calves. The farm used her to produce milk for profit. When Helen reached her 15th year, she stopped producing milk, and the owner deemed her “not profitable” or “useless”. However, the farm owner did not want to abandon the blind senior cow.

The owner loved Helen and spent more time with her compared to the other cows on the farm and did not have the heart to give her away or leave her behind. One day, he decided to sell his farm so the new owner would take good care of Helen, which was the most selfless decision he made. Unfortunately, the new owner was not as enthusiastic to keep an eye on Helen’s welfare.

Helen was still living on the farm 4 years after it was sold. However, the latest owners were not too keen on providing the care and attention Helen needed as an elderly and blind cow. So, the former owner reached out to various shelters that could take her in and give her the love and care she deserves. Then Uncle Neil’s Home responded. An animal sanctuary that rescues animals, including farm animals.

Uncle Neil’s Home founders, Rian Feldman and Scooter Belasco, immediately reached out to help. They were happy to provide Helen with a safe place to stay. However, the first few days were not easy for Rian, Scooter, and Helen. After 19 years, this was all new to the senior blind cow, and it was difficult to erase the experiences she had gone through. Helen was scared and hesitant on her first day at the new shelter, but the patient founders worked hard toward gaining her trust. At first, it took 45 minutes to convince Helen to enter her new shed.

Over the past few days, Rian and Scooter worked on customizing Helen’s shed to accommodate her disability. A wind chime was placed at the entrance of her shed so Helen would know where to go to rest. They added a solar-powered fountain with sounds of sprinkling water, so she knows where to go for a drink when she is thirsty. Additionally, they nailed a brush on the shed’s entrance so she could use it to scratch her head or back. She loved it! Assisting Helen to use her senses was the best therapy they provided.

Rian and Scooter would take her for daily walks and gently talk to her so she would trust that the shelter was a safe place. They brush, hug, massage, and kiss her to assure her that she will be okay. Helen’s days at the sanctuary are filled with love, and she made them feel that she understood. Helen showed them that if they provide love and care to animals in need, they will surely receive in return, maybe even more.

Helen now lives her life to the fullest. She may be reaching her golden years at age 19, but the sanctuary provided her with a new lease on life. The blind senior cow is making the most of her newfound freedom and finally knows what love feels like.

Watch the inspiring story of Helen in the video below:

Screenshot images credits: © Geobeats Animals/YouTube


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