Baby Girl with Down Syndrome Amuses Her Adoptive Mom and Goes Viral in Short Video Clip


A baby’s first smile is such a magical thing that it even melts the heart of the toughest person around. A baby with Down Syndrome was adopted earlier than expected when she flashed a smile that touched the hearts of her new parents.

The short video, which has since gone viral, shows Baby H lying on a bed on her tummy, with her adoptive mom capturing her smile on video. At 8 months old, Baby H shows off her beautiful genuine smile, which lights up the room every time.

“Oh, that is the cutest! Can you show me again?” Her mom could be heard saying behind the camera. Once Baby H flashed her toothless grin again, it set off a burst of amused laughter from her adoptive mom. She was aware that her mom enjoyed seeing her smile, so she did it often.

Every smile Baby H makes stretches from ear to ear and shows genuine happiness in her eyes. She is the most beautiful baby with a smile that can light up a gloomy day.

However, her adoptive parents claimed that the goofy smile only lasted a few weeks. Fortunately, they were caught on video and shared on social media for the whole world to enjoy.

Stephanie Thompson, the director of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, facilitated the adoption process of Baby H but never had the chance to meet the smiling child. However, when she viewed the video, she was immediately smitten by her smile.

“I walk the journey with the expected parent and the child, so when I have a chance to meet them, it brings it full circle. I can’t explain the joy that it brings to me.”

Although children born with Down Syndrome experience cognitive deficiencies, they can still feel all the emotions just the same as a normal person. Baby H displayed the emotion of joy when she finally found a family who would keep her safe and cared for. It is evident in her adoptive mother’s voice behind the camera when she encourages Baby H to smile again that she is full of love for her.

Facilitating an adoption process can be long and tedious, and the adoption center administration carefully chooses the perfect parents for the child. Adoptive parents should be ready since bringing a new child into their home and considering them your own is a lifelong commitment. From infant to adult, every single child needs love and care, not only children with Down Syndrome.

Being separated from their birth parents can be a traumatic experience for a child. However, with proper nurturing of love, care, and attention, these children may grow up into strong and healthy adults. Additionally, they are confident that they have their adoptive family to support them always.

Baby H, although still an infant, is clearly aware that she is safe with her adoptive parents, who welcomed her with open arms into their loving home. They are a happy family whose baby has the cutest smile!

Watch Baby H amuse her adoptive mother with her grin that lights up their home:

Credits to: All In One @all_in_one4/YouTube

Screenshot images credits: © National Down Syndrome Adoption Network/Facebook Watch


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