A Siberian Husky with Strange Eyes was Left in a Shelter by Her Owner and People Love Her


Everybody deserves to be loved, even if your physical looks do not meet worldly expectations. A 4-year-old Siberian Husky named Jubilee has been living in Husky House, a rescue shelter in New Jersey, for almost 2 years and has been waiting for a family to adopt her since she arrived at the rescue center. The staff members take good care of her, but they believe she deserves to have a loving family and a forever home.

Husky House revealed that Jubilee was abandoned by her breeder since she was born with ‘weird-looking’ eyes and was deemed unsellable. However, Jubilee is healthy and has no other physical issues except her eyes. She has a congenital issue with her eyelids, which makes her eyes have a cartoonish look and seem always wide open.

“We’ve taken her to the vet. She’s been thoroughly checked out. It doesn’t infringe on any of her day-to-day activities,” said a spokesperson for Husky House. “She was born this way, but she’s a happy, playful dog.”

The staff members say that Jubilee is a friendly dog but tends to be shy when potential parents come to visit the shelter. Some people were interested in adopting Jubilee. However, for 1 reason or another, nothing has worked out for her. “She’s a little shy at first, and I think people are looking for that exceptionally warm welcome,” the spokesperson said. “It would just take a patient family who would understand.”

When Husky House posted photos of Jubilee on Facebook, it garnered thousands of ‘Likes’ in a short amount of time and had over 40,000 shares. Many potential parents expressed interest in adopting Jubilee for the beautiful girl she is.

“It was a very overwhelming response. We are extremely grateful for all of the love and support for her and for the rescue as a whole,” said the spokesperson.

Jubilee’s instant fame garnered a wave of adoption applications. These applications will undergo a rigid screening process that includes family background checks and a home visit by the staff. They have politely declined adoptions from long distances and limited applications only within the state. Whoever will be granted adoption of Jubilee will be a very lucky family.

Husky House had encountered problems with long-distance adoptions in the past. The spokesperson said, “We also sent dogs to other states for adoption, but then the other party suddenly said that they would not keep the dogs and asked us to pick them up quickly. Otherwise, they would have to be sent to the local shelter, so later, we only opened the adoption to within the state. In this way, if someone suddenly changes their mind about raising a dog, we can at least bring the dog back as soon as possible.”

Such a strict screening process can prevent the dogs from terrible memories and avoid owners who will inflict harm on them. Each rescued dog deserves a happy home with a loving family.

“We are doing our very best to find the perfect fit home for her,” said the spokesperson.

Update: Jubilee has been adopted, and her adoptive mother posted a photo on the Husky House Facebook page. She was dressed in a red bandana with her tongue sticking out. She now lives with 2 other Siberian Huskies, who are a stark contrast from her off-tradition look.

Images credits: © Buzzfeed News and Husky House/Facebook


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