Parents Buy 2 Container Homes for Their Teenaged Daughters so They Can Live Independently in Their Backyard


When we reach a certain age during our teens, there comes a time when we need to move out of our parent’s home. It was the time that we decided we needed our independence. While we are young, we start to explore, make our own decisions, and manage our own finances. However, there are teenagers who either find a new place to live or go off to college.

Matt and Linda, a couple who realized their children were in their teens, decided to move out and find a new place, a more spacious home. Finding one with a huge backyard, they thought that they could use the space in a few years. They were not wrong. When their 2 teenage daughters were old enough to have a place of their own, they still wanted them to be close to their parents. So, the couple decided to look for container homes that they could situate in their huge backyard.

Resorting to Alternative Living Spaces, the couple found 2 gorgeous 340 square feet container homes. Each of them costs $60,000. However, an additional $10,000 should be paid if you want it fully furnished.

“The girls can live in there but we both have aging sets of parents that are getting older and we thought, well, if we had these storage containers, we have this multi-generational setup that we could put them out there,” said Matt.

The couple could still monitor their teenage daughters, Maddie and Ashley, while providing them the independence and privacy that they deserve. Once they move out, Matt and Linda will re-design their home and add more space for their advanced-age parents. This is the best investment the couple has made.

The sewer, power, and water were extended from the house and shared with the 2 container homes, so the girls will not have to worry about installing independent systems. One of the couple’s daughters, Ashley, lived in her container home for some time but decided to leave for college. Maddie’s friend, Braedon, decided to rent the empty container home.

Instead of renting an apartment, Braedon decided to live in Ashley’s container home for a short time. The living room of his rented container home looks the same as Maddie’s, but it has a dog bed and an X-Box. Maddie’s living room is spacious and has air conditioning, a television, and a big sofa that can be transformed into a bed.

Maddie seldom uses her container home kitchen since she still cooks and eats inside her parent’s home. She used the space for the microwave oven as a display area for her caps. Braedon’s kitchen is complete with a microwave and storage for a few dinnerware.

Maddie’s home closet has more clothes and shoes, and she has maximized her storage areas. Braedon’s rented home contains all his necessities and still has a lot of space. It is a fact, though, that when our kids ask for their independence and privacy, we begin to worry.

People loved the idea that Matt and Linda still have the best of both worlds. They provided independence and privacy that their kids needed, yet they were still around to monitor and assist them when needed. This is the perfect setup the couple has made for their 2 teenage daughters.

Watch the full feature of how Matt and Linda came up with the perfect container home setup:

Screenshot images and video credits: © Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube


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