Rudy the Peking duck and Barclay the Golden Retriever have a love-hate relationship but they are total best friends


Four-year-old Rudy the Peking duck never thought that he would call Barclay the Golden Retriever his best friend after a few episodes of him catching Barclay trying to steal his food.

It all started when Barclay who loves eating found out that Rudy and the other ducks always have a food supply in their coop all day long.

So, he tried to sneak into their coop to steal some of the food himself but Rudy, the alpha duck of the flock caught him red-handed!

Soon, Barclay made other several visits to the coop for his sneaky plan but he always ended up being chased away by Rudy

Image credits: Pam Ishiguro, Bancroft Images

Their owner, Pam Ishiguro said that Barclay is a very cheeky dog.

“He also likes to drink their bath water and, if he happens to be stealthy enough, he loves to sniff a little duck butt,” she tells Barcoft TV

Image credits: Pam Ishiguro, Barcroft Images

“Rudy is our alpha duck. He is in charge of everyone and everything. When Barclay tries to sniff any of the other ducks, Rudy is there to stop it,” Ishiguro tells Barcoft TV

However, as time passed by, the duo began to develop a close friendship

Image credits: Pam Ishiguro, Barcroft Images

When they are together, it always seems that one is chasing or jumping on another but when they are apart, the pair seems to miss each other

Image credits: Pam Ishiguro, Bancroft Images

Now, the duo is inseparable and have a healthier relationship than they used to have.

When they get to spend time together, Barclay and Rudy enjoy cuddling up in each other’s feathers and fur

Image credits: Pam Ishiguro, Barcroft Images

“Rudy and Barclay need each other – I think that’s why they have such a strong bond,” Ishiguro tells Barcoft TV.

Watch this adorable duo playing with each other like true best friends in this video here

Credit: The Dodo


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