Smart Family of Capybaras Prepare to Cross a Busy Street Using a Crosswalk


The largest of the rodent family is the Capybara. They may look lazy, but they are cute and very smart. Recently, footage went viral of a family of capybaras using a crosswalk to reach the other side of the road. The amusing video was taken in Cuiabá, Brazil, where passersby witnessed a family of capybaras waiting at the roadside. They waited for the vehicles to stop. However, the people were worried about the safety of the capybara family when they crossed the street. What happened next amused the people.

The family of capybaras gathered on the sidewalk next to a two-way road. Even the younger ones were patient enough to wait before they crossed the road together with the family. Passersby were quite confused while the capybara family watched and waited patiently for the cars to pass. Some people started taking out their mobile phones and captured a video of the adorable family. Some were amazed at how smart the capybaras are.

Finally, when there were only a few cars passing by, the biggest capybara, which is assumed to be the leader, started crossing the street using a crosswalk. The other family members followed behind, with the smaller capybaras being guarded by larger ones. It happened to be a red light, so the cars stopped, allowing the capybara family to cross safely. 2 other members followed behind and were not bothered by the others that were ahead. Amazingly, the 2 capybaras looked left and right before they continued crossing the street. 😆

The video that was uploaded has since gone viral, and netizens were amazed by the smart capybara family. They left loving messages, praising the adorable family:

“They obey the traffic rules better than many people!”

“They know how to wait until there is no traffic before crossing the road. They are so cute and smart!”

“The little capybaras also obey their mother’s teachings and follow them obediently.”

“Honestly, they are more disciplined than the students who were taught outside the school!”

“It’s amazing! Waiting for the right time to pass.”

“They know that it is safer to cross from the crosswalk.”

“There are big and small capybaras. I’m so lucky to meet so many at once!”

Here is the viral video of the capybara family using a crosswalk in Cuiabá, Brazil:

Watch on Facebook. Click HERE.

Screenshot images and video credits: © José Francisco Salomé Figueira/Facebook Watch


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