Hilarious Photos of a Bullion – Bulldog & Lion, and People Like Him


Passersby, who were unfamiliar with an animal wandering around the enclosed compound, wondered why a lion was walking freely outside a cage. A photographer happened to be in the area and was surprised to see a lion walking around in broad daylight. Feeling frightened, he composed himself and stood a little closer to the enclosed compound. Feeling the urge to capture it on video, what he saw when it turned around to face him left the photographer in awe.

Of course, people would be frightened and freeze where they stand when they see a lion wandering in the area near them. Some people would even faint at the sight of the king of the beasts. Unexpectedly, when the said lion showed its face to the passersby, they realized that it was only a full-grown bulldog wearing a fake mane of a lion. However, most of them admit that its body resembles a small lion and could be mistaken for a real one when its back is turned to them. When the people finally see its true face, they give out a sigh of relief and laugh at the cute sight.

The cute BulLion is named Beerus, and he lives with his owner, Jorell Turano, in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. Jorell often shares photos and videos of Beerus’ daily life on his social media accounts.

When the photos and videos were shared on the internet, netizens were amused, and most of them tagged their friends who were dog lovers. Some netizens left hilarious messages in the comments:

“The back view is really similar to a small lion. Hahahaha!”

“I want a dog like this, too.”

“You won’t be afraid of meeting bad people when you take him out. 😆

“The body and color look similar to a lion.”

View on Facebook. Click HERE.
Watch on Facebook. Click HERE.

For more photos and videos of Beerus, you may follow him on TikTok: tiktok.com/@beerusthebullion.

Images credits: © Jorell Turano/Facebook


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