A Cat Hugs and Comforts a Lonely Dog whose Owners Moved to a Hospice and was Left Alone in the Compound


Witnessing animals from different species get along is always very touching. The Korean YouTube channel “Kritter Klub” is an organization dedicated to rescuing stray animals and providing help to those in need. In July 2020, the organization released a video of a cat and a dog rescued by their team. They lived in a compound and constantly comforted each other, although they were from different species. Somehow, the sincere friendship between the duo is very heartwarming. This is their story.

At the entrance of an apartment building, there is a specific place for dogs and cats to stay. The residents claimed that an elderly couple used to live in one of the units, and they owned a dog. However, the couple moved to a nursing home, and the establishment does not allow pets. The elderly couple did not send the dog away or make arrangements for adoption. The lonesome dog was left behind and wandered around the compound. The dog observed each resident who passed by the door in hopes of seeing the elderly couple come back.

However, the dog was unaware that its owner would never return, so it always waited at the entrance of the building. The residents were aware of its situation. They brought a blanket and placed it at the corner of the building entrance. The dog sits on it at times then wanders around the building looking for its owners.

Day and night, the dog would sit on the blanket by the entrance, but its owners never arrived. One day, an orange tabby cat arrived at the building and befriended the dog. The lonesome pooch did not reject its friendship, and eventually, they formed a bond. The dog and the cat kept each other company every day and comforted each other. However, when residents pass by the cat avoids them and hides but re-emerges and stays beside the dog when they have left. They are each other’s biggest emotional support.

After some time, the residents were already familiar with the duo and how close they had become as friends. Some kind-hearted residents gave them food and even built 2 kennels for them to provide shelter from the rain and the storm. However, the dog seldom sleeps inside the kennel and insists on sleeping at the entrance of the building. The cat follows its friend wherever it goes.

Although the residents are amused to see the cat and dog getting along very well, they were worried that they may not survive the cold weather while they stay outdoors. They decided to contact the “Kritter Klub” team, hoping they could rescue the duo and send them to a shelter.

When the team arrived, they inspected the vicinity and formulated a plan to lure them into the cage. They set up an opened cage at the bottom of the building stairs and placed food at the cage opening. As expected, the unsuspecting tabby cat came near the food, and the cage door closed behind the unwary feline. Although the cat was caught, the dog became aware of the situation and ran away.

To lure the dog without scaring it, the cat in the cage was placed at the foot of the building stairs, hoping the dog would see that the cat was doing well inside the cage. It took a lot of effort for the team and the residents to encourage the dog to join its cat friend in the cage. However, it was the encouragement of a man who was a dog lover that convinced the dog to join the cat in the cage. The residents were sad to say goodbye to the duo but were hoping the shelter could find a good family to adopt them.

The dog and the cat were sent to a veterinary clinic for a thorough examination. The doctor was very surprised that they were both in good health, with no external or internal conditions and no internal parasites. It seems that the enthusiastic residents took good care of the duo.

Even in the veterinary clinic, the dog and the cat accompanied each other in 1 cage. Hope they find a good family who will take them both to their forever home and continue to be good friends for life!

Here is the video of each lovely moment the duo comforted each other. Witness the heartwarming bond between 2 different animal species:

Screenshot images and video credits: © Kritter Klub/YouTube


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