A Loyal Cat Never Left the Husky’s Side and Stayed at the Mourning Hall After She Passed


Animal lovers have a different perspective on cats compared to others who never raised a single pet. Felines may seem to be bossy and arrogant, but they are really very affectionate. A Japanese owned a cat and a Husky, and when the dog passed away due to old age, the cat stayed at her funeral in the mourning hall, seated in front of a shrine made in memory of the Husky. The family noticed the touching gesture and were moved to tears.

When the cat named Monako was adopted by the family when she was still a kitten. The family’s gentle Husky, named Grace, took good care of the cat until it grew up. Monako looked up to Grace as her mother and nanny. When Grace was older, she became dependent on Monako. The cat, in return, took good care of Grace since her health was gradually deteriorating. Monako never left Grace’s side when she grew ill and was silently guarding her.

At the end of August 2022, Grace’s health worsened, and her condition was rapidly deteriorating. However, she celebrated her 15th birthday on September 25. Unfortunately, after 2 days, she passed away and crossed the rainbow bridge, leaving the family in despair. They prepared a small shrine in memory of Grace, with photos and cards of sympathy, inside the mourning hall. Since Grace has passed, the family noticed that Monako, who was wearing a rainbow choker, stayed at the foot of Grace’s shrine. Even with her back turned against the onlookers, Monako was visibly mourning Grace’s passing, touching the hearts of the family who witnessed the sorrowful scene.

The photos of Monako guarding the shrine of Grace moved many netizens:

“It’s so cute and touching, my eyes can’t help but well with tears…”

“The cat looks so sad and lonely even with her back turned.”

“My beloved friend has become a star in the sky.”

“I can’t stop my tears! 😭

“I wish the dog rests in peace, and I hope your family and the cat can get over the sadness as soon as possible.”

However, some netizens noticed the lilies at the mourning hall are poisonous to cats and pointed out that they should be removed as soon as possible for Monako’s sake. They also left a follow-up message to thank the family.

After Grace passed away, Monako stayed beside Grace, quietly sending her on her way to the last journey.

Monako never left Grace’s funeral at the mourning hall:

Images credits: © きがやん @husky_grace/Twitter, Yahoo! JAPAN News


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