Owner Sees Her Black Cat that Passed Away 1 Year Ago Sitting on the Couch from the Home Camera


Everything that has life passes away eventually. Pets that we consider a part of our family leave us devastated when their time comes to cross over the rainbow bridge. If your pet has been with the family for so long, it takes time for us to recover from their passing.

In 2019, a woman lost her black cat and has not been able to get over his death even after a year has passed. One night, a home camera captured what seemed to be a black cat that suddenly appeared on the couch when the lights inside the room turned on. When the woman entered the room, she looked around to check on things inside but did not seem to notice the black figure sitting comfortably on the couch… until she saw the video. She was convinced that her beloved cat had come back for a visit.

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A female netizen on Reddit named Chloe (Chlochan) had 3 cats at home. Unfortunately, her black cat named Blackjack passed away in 2019. It took quite some time for her to get over his death, and was left devastated. After a year, she did not expect to see him again, but she did on a home video. One night, Chloe switched on the lights inside a room using her mobile phone. According to her, she went in to check on her other cats if they went out the front door and checked on her packages if they had gone missing. She did not notice a black figure sitting on the couch but left the room with the lights still on. However, when she saw the video, it was clear that the spirit of her beloved Blackjack came for a visit.

Credits to: Paranormal Globe/YouTube

Chloe posted the video footage on her Reddit account, and it garnered hundreds of Upvotes. Chloe mentioned that the other 2 remaining cats were not black, but the video was clear that there was a black cat that appeared sitting on the couch. “There was nothing black on the sofa, just the pillows that are red, grey, and cream,” user Chlochan said.

Her followers posted comments about the “ghost cat” on the video:

“Wow, that is pretty amazing. Definitely a cat head shape with ears.”

“The cat went over the Rainbow Bridge but couldn’t stop worrying about his owner who shed tears for him.”

“Whatever it is that looks like Blackjack is there the whole time, you can see it before you turn the light on. Due to the night vision of the camera, it appears light grey, then you see it as black when you turn the light on.”

“There is no cat. Lights get hella bright and slowly, very slowly. A black cat is being visible on the couch. No movement at all, just one second nothing, next a slow fade into existence.”

It may or may not be true. Our beloved furry friends come back to visit us once in a while. People who lost a pet claim they have felt their presence many times, especially on the day they passed away.

Cover credits: @Chlochan/Reddit


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