A Husky Befriends a Homeless Man Living in a Tent on the Sidewalk, and Their Bond is Amazing!


Once in our lifetime, we form a bond with someone unexpected. However, in this case, something. A Siberian Husky instantly formed a bond with a homeless man living in a tent, and the connection is undeniable! Incidences such as this, when a dog connects with a person other than its owner, happens rarely. However, it has always been known that a dog is “a man’s best friend”. Since they are famous for being sociable creatures, it is easy for a human to form a bond with a dog. The relationship formed between the two is beneficial to both parties. The following story shows how a Husky changed the fate of a homeless man.

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Sora, the Siberian Husky, and his owner Thibault, live in Paris. They have a very inspiring relationship, and Thibault loves to make TikTok videos of their daily lives. While they were out for a walk one day, Sora unexpectedly stopped in front of a man in his tent on the sidewalk. The dog jumped into his arms and instantly formed a bond with the stranger. Thibault called to Sora and held on to his leash, but the dog would not budge. He gave a smile to his owner and gave him a ‘begging’ look in his eyes. Reluctantly, he gave in to his dog’s request.

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Seeing the stranger and Sora making a connection, Thibault was surprised that the stranger named Bruno easily captured the Husky with his charms in an instant. Since then, Sora and Thibault made it a habit to pass by Bruno’s tent every day. Sora immediately becomes excited whenever he sees his homeless friend. Fortunately, Thibault has captured a video of Sora and Bruno while they share hugs and excitement. The video instantly went viral when Thibault shared it on social media but did not expect that Sora and Bruno’s friendship would touch the hearts of netizens around the world.

Soon, the bond formed between Sora and Bruno became natural for Thibault, so he decided to change Bruno’s situation in life. When social services in Paris saw the viral video, they extended a helping hand to Bruno and provided him with a comfortable way of life. Initially, they set up an ID for him and provided him with a bank account. Thibault set up a “GoFundMe” page and raised US$6,140.00 (about France €5,800), a significant amount for Bruno to rent an apartment and start a new life. He was in awe of the amount he received. Thibault also shared that someone would help him get a decent job so he would no longer live on the street.

Although Bruno’s life changed for the better, and he no longer lived in a tent on the sidewalk, he vowed to be in his former spot every Friday to meet with Sora and Thibault. Bruno and Sora still meet, and their connection has become stronger every time. Their bond is undeniable! “Bruno created his own luck by smiling at my dog,” Thibault said. “If Bruno hadn’t been friendly, if Bruno hadn’t been smiley, none of this would have ever happened.”

Here is the heartwarming video of Bruno and Sora’s undeniable friendship:

It is so amazing how a dog could help a homeless man change his life for the better. Sora did just that. It is wonderful how Sora’s heart felt that a stranger was sincerely a dog lover. Bruno truly loves him.

Screenshot images credits: © The Dodo/YouTube


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