A Woman Walking Down the Street is Being Followed by Different Animals as Though the Scene was from a Book of Fairy Tales


It was like a scene from a fairy tale movie! A young woman in Turkey was staring out her window on a podium when she witnessed a magical scene that looked as though it came from a fairy tale book. A woman was passing by carrying bags while a group of animals from various species were following her. None of them were in a hurry or trying to escape. The unusual sight amazed netizens, who praised the walking woman. “How is it possible?” Some of them asked.

Turkish netizen Dilere (@cocukkilidi) shared a video of the woman being followed by the animals on Twitter. It was shot from a window of a high-rise building overlooking the main road. In the short clip, the woman was walking on the sidewalk of a residential area, and behind her was a queue of different animals following her. A group consisting of dogs and cats eagerly walked with her, and even birds came in to join the magical mini-parade.

The dogs were unhurriedly walking behind her from a distance as though they were guarding her. Cats were also following from behind, swiftly passing through holes to catch up with the woman. There were also birds observing the small spectacle from rails on both sides of the street while some flew over her to join in.

When the video was shared on social media, it triggered a heated discussion of amazement from netizens. Various movie scenes came to mind:

“The picture of “Snow White” immediately appeared in my mind. It was magical!”

“It’s like a scene from a fairy tale.”

“This picture is so beautiful and soothing. So good.”

“Real-life Disney princess!”

“I instantly thought they were going to Noah’s Ark.”

“Like the King of the Jungle.”

“It’s so enviable!”

“She must have come out of a movie like Dr. Doolittle.”

Credits to: LOOKER 毛小孩

In connection to the viral video, @cocukkilidi also revealed that the woman regularly feeds the animals nearby, carefully segregating cat, dog, and bird food, among others. She leads them to an open space where they can be properly fed, then cleans the area after they have their meals. She cares for the animals and is very charitable. To them, she is an angel here on earth and a loving ‘magical’ woman to people’s eyes.

Here are 2 video clips from Twitter showing the woman feeding the animals:

Screenshot images credits: © ☽ Dilere @cocukkilidi/Twitter


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