A Dog’s Bark in the Backyard Revealed that It Fought a Python, and the Owner Assumed the Dog was Defeated


Dogs are known to defend their owners even if it costs them their lives. It is true! They are smart and loyal to their masters, and they are always on high alert for dangers lurking around the area. Recently, a dog owner living in the countryside of Thailand proudly told a story about how her Pitbull defeated a large python in their backyard. She heard her dog frantically barking in a distance, so she ran towards the scene. What she saw left her in awe! There was a huge python in their backyard and her dog was lying on his side. The owner instantly assumed he was dead.

The owner was shocked to see her dog lying on the side, and she instantly thought that the python defeated him. The image that came to her mind was that he was bitten to death by the huge snake. However, after a few seconds, the dog jumped up excitedly. He seemed fine and ran to the dead snake. He smiled at his owner, who sighed in relief. “Thank you!” the owner cried out loud. Only then did the dog’s owner discover that the snake’s head had been seriously injured, and it eventually led to its death.

Apparently, the Pitbull had a fierce battle with the python and won, targeting its head. Although the dog did not seem to be injured from the fight, the battle seemed to have exhausted him, and he lay down on the grass to rest. His bark acted as an alert that there was danger in the area. His owner realized he had done something heroic and defended their territory. It was a bold move from a Pitbull! Not a lot of brave dog breeds can defeat a huge snake.

The owner discovered that it was the same snake that kept slithering into their farmhouse. She revealed in an interview that the python has swallowed 7 whole chickens on various occasions, and she was surprised that they were getting less by the day. Unexpectedly, her dog helped solve her biggest problem. Although the Pitbull was exhausted from the fight, he managed to approach his ‘kill’ to take credit and win his owner’s praise.

The dog owner instantly called the animal protection department to handle the matter. She revealed to them that although she was raising one of the most vicious dog breeds, her dog was usually obedient and had a gentle disposition. Additionally, she did not expect her dog could defeat a huge python! “I was glad that my dog ​​was safe, and I decided to reward the brave furry child by adding chicken drumsticks to his dinner,” the proud owner said.

Images credits: K@pook! and Postjung


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