Checking Her Home Pet Monitoring System, A Woman Envies Her Dog that was Sleeping Comfortably on a Sofa Covered with a Warm Blanket


Pet owners consider their dogs or cats as their own children. They take good care of the furbabies and do their best to provide them with a good life since the lives of dogs and cats are shorter than a human’s. We all agree that they are our stress relievers. During the holidays, a Chinese netizen was working overtime. Feeling stressed from the day’s work, she checked her beloved dog on a pet monitoring system at her home. For her, seeing her adorable furbaby soothes her soul. What she saw on her pet cam surprised her!

Her pet dog named “Mocha” was fast asleep on the living room sofa with a pillow on her head and covered with a warm comforter. Additionally, the air conditioner was turned ON! Thinking out loud, the woman said, “Here I am, working overtime, and my dog ​​is sleeping happily at home. I don’t know if I am going to laugh or cry.”

From the pet cam, you can see Mocha occupying most of the space on the sofa. Not only does she have a pillow under her head, but also a warm and comfortable blanket covering her body. She also seems to have a smile on her face, as though she was having a beautiful dream. “My child, do you know that your master is working hard to make money to buy dog ​​food for you?” Her master thought.

The owner admits to being envious of the dog’s life. However, she was worried about the utility bills she needed to pay monthly for her home. In her heart, seeing her beloved furbaby sleeping comfortably at home seems to be worth all the work overtime. After all, the purpose of hard work is to earn enough for your child to have a great life. Isn’t that what we all wanted for them?

Mocha: “Hmmm… This is the peace and quiet I have liked for years. It’s just that my owner is carrying the burden for me!”

Netizens who have seen the photos of the sleeping pooch wrote heartwarming comments:

“It turns out that as long as you work hard enough, you and your dog can live the lives you want.”

“There must be a carefree one in this family. Let it be left to the dog.”

“Dogs want to live a happy life, too. Let them.”

“Why do I carry a heavy burden? It turns out that there is a dog who is calming down the years for me.”

“Stop saying, ‘tired like a dog’. Dogs are not as tired as you.”

“My dream life today! -Dog”

“I came home sweating profusely today and found my cat sleeping on the pillow.”

“In the next life, I want to be a ‘Dog.’”

Credits to: LOOKER 毛小孩

Images credits: © All Famous Scenes/Weibo


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