Photos of a Small Dog that Resembled a White Bird Raised Suspicion Among Netizens who Assumed They were Photoshopped


Recently, photos of a small dog that looked like a bird circulated on the internet, causing heated discussions among netizens who debated whether the pictures were Photoshopped. A photo shows a small dog that seems to resemble a white bird and was shot from a distance, raising questions from netizens on whether the household has brought home a bird from another species. Its appearance confused netizens.

However, there was another photo that was shared, and it was a close-up photo of the animal in question. It turned out that the “bird-looking dog” was a white Pomeranian that was in its fur-shedding period. The photos have since gone viral, and netizens have become quite fond of the cute dog due to its unique look. In its close-up photo, you can see that the Pomeranian dog has spiky fur like a bird and has a crest on its head. Even its feet have become so tiny that they look as though they were bird claws. Netizens speculated that the owner might have done the pictures in Photoshop since the dog’s face and a bird’s body made a curious combination.

In one of the photos shared by the owner, it can be seen that most of the dog’s fur has been shed. The cute little Pomeranian used to be fluffy, and now that most of its fur has fallen off, the dog resembled more like a bird with its paws looking like small claws.

After learning the truth about the Pomeranian dog resembling a white bird, netizens marveled at its photos on the internet.

“Now, that’s what you call a ‘Pomeranian bird’!”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a dog that looks like a bird! It’s so cute, isn’t it?”

“I thought it was a new breed of dog-faced bird. Hahahaha!”

“After looking at it for a long time, I still can’t tell where the ears of this dog are.”

“The skinny feet really look a bit like bird feet.”

“It really looks like a fluffy chick.”

Images credits: © 일상다반사 (Everyday life) @@day_off_daying/Twitter


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