A Dog Gets Amused Watching the Fireworks Display Outside Their Window


Most pets are afraid of fireworks. May it be the loud noise or the popping scene of the display, the furbabies immediately run away and hide from the windows. Hilariously, our neighbor’s dog barks and runs after the firecrackers he sees popping on the ground during New Year’s Eve. We can rarely find pets who enjoy the fireworks display during the holidays.

However, a Russian dog owner shared a video of their family dog admiring the fireworks. Staring intently outside an open window, the pooch was amused by the wonderful and colorful fireworks display and did not show any signs of being frightened by its loud noises.

At the beginning of the video, the dog was waiting impatiently for his owner to open the window and barked with excitement so he could watch the festivities outside. Once the window was opened, he pounced on the windowsill and watched the beautiful display outside, like a curious child intently watching a favorite TV program. The scene showing the dog’s back while he enjoyed the breathtaking fireworks display is heartwarming!

When the video was shared on the internet, netizens were touched while watching the dog being amused by the firecrackers and left heartwarming messages:

“It seems he is really enjoying the fireworks show.”

“If it were my dog, he ​​would have run away and hid.”

“I can look at his back all day long!”

“It seems that the dogs of the fighting nation are also very brave. 😆

“Hurry up and hug him tightly. Watch it together!”

It seems that most netizens are amazed by the excited dog watching the fireworks from their window. Some wished their dog would not be scared of fireworks and enjoy the display instead.

▼ Here is the short video shared on the internet that has since gone viral:

Screenshots images and video credits: © ViralHog/YouTube


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