Train Made Specially for Stray Dogs has Become a Source of Entertainment for Locals in Fort Worth, Texas


An 80-year-old retired grandfather in Texas, USA, Eugene Bostick, has the best way to entertain the stray dogs he adopted. He created an 8-cart train, especially for the dogs. The dog train has since become a source of entertainment to people they pass by. Before he takes them on the train ride, he calls out to them, “C’mon kids, let’s go!”

Grandpa Eugene and his brother Walter lived together all their lives and helped the furry babies have a forever home. They have witnessed many locals abandon their dogs near their area, and Eugene could not bear to see the dogs wander the streets in their helpless condition. So, Grandpa Eugene and Walter adopted the strays, took them to the vet to be neutered, and brought them home.

The 2 brothers took good care of the dogs and did their best to provide them with a happy life. One day, Grandpa Eugene noticed someone driving a tractor followed by several carts carrying rocks. What seemed to be looking like a small train gave a wonderful idea to him!

Grandpa Eugene is very good at welding. He collected some huge plastic buckets and made holes in them. He added wheels on each carriage and made it sturdy enough to carry each dog. When each carriage was ready, he connected them all. Viola! A dog train that can carry 8 dogs per trip!

The dog train is a brilliant idea of Grandpa Eugene that brought happiness to his adopted dogs. Grandpa Eugene’s “dog sightseeing train” goes on a road trip twice a week, taking his dogs for rides around the area. Grandpa said with a smile: “Whenever the children hear the sound of me connecting the tractor to the carriage, it made them very excited!”

The cute dog train has become very entertaining to his pets, as well as an eye-catcher to people they pass by. Many locals stopped and asked if they could take some snapshots. Grandpa Eugene revealed that his small creation brought joy to the adopted strays that had gone through a lot of life’s hardships. He said, “I am already 80 years old. I will get older and older, and the time I take them out will also become longer and longer. I come less and less, but I will continue because seeing the children enjoy and have fun makes me satisfied.”

Grandpa Eugene’s heartwarming dedication is really touching. Hopefully, he could stay with the dogs for many more years despite his advanced age.

↓↓ Here is the inspiring video of Grandpa Eugene taking the excited dogs for a ride around town:

Credits to: Texas Famous/YouTube

Images credits: © BoredPanda


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