Look Closely: A Black Dog Hidden in the Dim Photo is Staring Back at You!


Have you come across a photo that you thought, at first, made no sense? “What am I looking at?” is the first comment that comes to mind when staring at the photo. A young woman, Shih-Yu Wang, received a photo on her mobile phone from her brother. Initially, she did not understand why such a picture that made no sense was sent to her. The woman found herself staring at the photo for several minutes until, finally, she figured it out. She suddenly discovered that her black dog, Tsaibao, was in the picture, staring back at her. He had camouflaged among the things that surrounded him and appeared hidden from the camera.

“My brother sent me a photo,” Shih-Yu Wang said, “I wanted to respond to him, ‘What is the purpose of this photo?’” She received a picture that was quite dark but showed the rear section of Shih-Yu Wang’s home. There was a toolshed at the side, with buckets, water pipes, shovels, and stacked baskets that were also in the shot. Initially, she did not understand the relevance of the photo.

However, Shih-Yu Wang noticed that the snapshot was a little dim, thus resorting to a photo enhancer app. Once the photo was brighter, she noticed a figure staring back at her from the corner of the shot. It was her black dog, Tsaibao! He was sitting behind the blue basket that was stacked on top of the others. Shih-Yu Wang was amazed! She thought that the dog’s dark color, which makes him blend with the dark background, could be a perfect “protective color”. If you don’t look closely, you won’t notice the black dog that is camouflaged with a dim background.

Shih-Yu Wang laughed and said, “Son, you are too dark! Even my dad thought that the dog was in the gutter! 😆

Shih-Yu Wang shared the photo in a Facebook community and expected the same reactions from netizens who viewed the dim photo:

“I still haven’t seen it after looking at it for a long time.”

“I’ve been looking for it for a long time.”

“I thought he was hiding in the ditch.”

“Black dog. Invisible black dog.”

“I need to see the answer.”

“I searched for a long time… and only after reading the messages did I realize it was a dog.”

“This is the strangest dog in history.”

“Strong invisibility!”

“Hide and seek in the first place.”

“There is a dog on the left, but why is it that there is a child in the basket, squatting and looking at the camera?”

“It’s too dark, haha, perfect disguise!”

“I didn’t notice this at first. When you focus on the scene, you will be scared to death by the black dog.”

“The look on the dog’s eyes makes you think: ‘How long will you have to look for?’ 😆

Tsaibao is a playful young dog despite his “weary” facial expression. His human mother revealed that whenever she takes selfies with him in the morning, he always has a sleepy face. 😆

▼ One morning, when his Mama had to go to work, Shih-Yu Wang took a snapshot with Tsaibao. He felt a little lazy to get up, so he showed a silly face and sleepy eyes. 😆

▼ Tsaibao always brings happiness to his family. ❤️

Images credits: © Shih-Yu Wang/Facebook


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